K. Lucas is an author of thriller and horror fiction, as well as a proud member of International Thriller Writers and Horror Writer’s Association. After earning a bachelor’s degree in information technology, she became a homeschool mom and then a full-time author. When she’s not spinning chilling tales, she can be spotted enjoying trails in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, where she lives with her family and pets.

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Psychological thrillers

You Kill Me

He wakes up.

She kills him.

It won’t stop happening.

On a dark and stormy night, Seth wakes up—only to be murdered by his own wife. Then he wakes up and she does it again. And again. And again.

He’s stuck in a loop that nobody else knows about. It’s not just a bad dream—and no amount of pleading, reasoning, or fighting with her makes a difference.

It all ends the same way. Every single time.

Seth doesn’t know why she wants him dead, but he’ll have to learn. He’ll have to find out what’s really happening and why—if he wants to figure out how to stop it. And for that, he’ll have to experiment.

To die over and over and over, learn as much as he can each time, and collect the pieces of this terrifying puzzle.

He will not accept defeat. He already knows what happens when he fails, and having it happen for eternity is not an option.

The Wrong Stranger

He’s always enjoyed the darker things in life, finding that the thrill of the hunt and the kill are the only aspects of life he truly loves…

Bill Wright has spent years building a successful career that allows him ample time to work on his favorite hobby, all while blending in with the rest of society. After a tragedy hits home, Bill’s marriage to a woman nearly half his age teeters on the edge, threatening his way of life.

He begins to see another side to his wife that recaptures his attention. Bill invites Ashley to join him in his interests, hoping to reignite some passion in their relationship.

Holding on to a secret she isn’t aware of keeping, Ashley struggles against the void that comes with each agonizing headache as she discovers who her husband really is… and who truly lies within herself.

… but will his wife’s secret be all that it takes to undo him

The Neighbors

Grief, lies, and murder.

What happens when secrets, deceit, and depravity converge in a small town?

Still reeling from a devastating loss, Paisley and her husband hope a fresh start in a new state will help them heal. Moving from the crowded city of San Francisco to a rural community in the woods of Washington is supposed to give them room to breathe and a place to rebuild their lives. Instead, it leaves Paisley struggling with loneliness and isolation.

The longer they stay, the more troubling this new chapter becomes. Their neighbors are anything but welcoming- harassing Paisley on a near constant basis. She’s at her wit’s end when there’s news of women being brutally murdered in the area.

As the body count rises, Paisley discovers the town that was supposed to bring them solace isn’t what it seems, and the secrets she and her husband are keeping could cost them everything.


A writers retreat gone wrong.

Now they’re stranded.

And someone wants them to stay that way.

When a group of strangers meet for a writers retreat on a cruise, at first all seems well. They connect with like-minded individuals – fellow novelists – and recently divorced Erin feels that it’s like a dream come true. After an ugly divorce from an unsupportive husband, she will finally get a chance to heal and write her book.

But when a storm forces their ship on a detour, everything changes. A bad decision leaves seven writers stranded on a deserted island … and things only get worse from there.

While they wait for rescue, they run out of food and water all too fast, and no matter how hard they try, something always seems to go wrong. Suspiciously wrong. As if someone doesn’t want them to leave the island. Not alive, anyway.

And among the increasingly hungry strangers … it could be anyone.

Erin isn't sure who to trust but she's desperate to find a way home before someone dies—before they all die.

I Am Not OK

They say a twin bond is one that can never be broken.

But can it survive murder?

Ed and Emmie have grown up under the same roof but the treatment from their parents couldn’t have been more different. Emmie is the shining star while Ed is the outcast, the prime target for all of their father’s brutality, and the first to take the blame when something goes wrong.

Now in their mid-twenties, Emmie is starting to realize just how not okay her brother is, and she’s determined to be there for him no matter the cost.

Ed is a social pariah, especially at work. When his coworkers start going missing one by one, he’s the prime suspect…and for good reason—he has reason to want each of the missing employees dead. After all, he’s been the butt of their jokes for far too long.

When Ed is sent to prison for the crimes he…maybe…committed, Emmie is doing her best to convince him he needs to fight the charges. Her brother could never hurt someone.

Could he?

When lines are crossed and decisions have to be made, Ed and Emmie will find out just how deep their bond runs…

And how easy that bond can break.

Our Little Secret

His wait is finally over.

And he’s coming for her.

Five long years after being sent to prison, Mitch is finally free. His time has come, and he’s got two things on his mind: to find Raven, and to get revenge for having his life and his freedom ripped from him.

But not to hurt Raven. Oh, no. He loves her and wants nothing more than for them to be what they should’ve been already: a happy family. If only he could make her understand that he’s always looked out for her best interests.

When Raven bumps into Mitch, she knows it’s not a chance encounter. She knows him all too well. She knows what he wants, and that he’ll stop at nothing to get it—even murder if necessary.

Mitch won’t take no for an answer. But Raven is willing to do anything it takes to stop him.

Suspense thrillers

Inferno Road

Stay alive. Trust no one. Save your family...if you can.

Frustrated and tired after a long day at work, Ben is just trying to get home to his family when disaster strikes. Stuck in Thursday evening gridlock, he’s caught in an explosion that flips his truck and sends him spiraling into unconsciousness.

A sole survivor on a burning freeway, Ben struggles to find safety. A decision between the road on fire and the nearby forest seems easy...until he runs into armed strangers holding people hostage.

And that's only the beginning.

As Ben soon finds out, there are more of them—and they’re taking innocent lives. With danger lurking around every corner, he must use all his wits to survive, while trying to piece together what exactly is going on.

What he can’t figure out is who to trust...or how to keep his beloved wife and children safe. Neither a soldier nor a spy, Ben is just a normal guy faced with an impossible situation.

With time running out, there’s only one thing he can do.

And as a devoted husband and a loving father, he will do anything to end this nightmare and protect his family.


A mother rushing to rescue her only child.

A worried son desperately trying to get his parents out of harm’s way.

A geologist trying to save them all.

Thirty years after surviving a landslide that killed his entire community, Tim is a geologist with the US Geological Survey. When he realizes that Mt. Rainier is about to erupt, he is determined to warn everyone about the imminent danger, only to have his words fall on deaf ears.

Jordan is one of the few who takes the warning to heart. Worried for the safety of his elderly parents, he urges them to evacuate. However, they seem unconcerned – Mt. Rainier hasn’t erupted in hundreds of years after all, and it’s too far away to be dangerous anyway.

After dropping her son off at school, 911 dispatcher Teresa goes to work, only to start receiving distressing calls about the eruption. Terrified and torn between helping many and running to save her only child, she soon finds that the decision has been made for her.

As deadly as lava, landslides, and constant ash raining down are, they're not the only threats. Opportunists are another... and millions of people driven insane by fear might be the biggest danger of all.



How many spiders can a human body contain?

When a small earthquake hits a cave near the town of Rock Creek, only one person leaves the underground alive. Desperate, she seeks help in the forested rural area, trying to warn the first people she runs into, but nobody heeds her words.

Nobody believes in spiders feeding on an entire group of strong, healthy young men and women.

And when night falls, the spiders exit the cavern, and creep upon the unsuspecting town.

The first warnings come—strange noises coming from inside the walls, movement in the shadows, an increase in spider sightings—and subtle, itchy bites.

By the time the good people of Rock Creek realize it’s not an ordinary spider infestation they’re facing, they’re on the brink of being overrun. Anyone could become the next victim.

The whole town is going to become the next victim, unless they find a way to stop the spiders.

But how does one stop thousands of small hungry creatures...with the big ones lurking in the dark?


Where do you run when the spiders are already inside you?

When two brave souls seal the entrance to Black Hole Cave with the deadly man-eating spiders trapped inside, they believe that it’s finally over. That the good people of Rock Creek are safe.

But then a traumatized nurse calls his girlfriend to comfort him, unaware that he’s signing her death sentence.

A passerby sees a girl suddenly exploding in the street.

The town sheriff barely survives running into a spider nest.

With spiders still lurking both in the shadows and inside the town residents, there doesn’t seem to be any hope… Until an orphaned boy and his friend discover that even deadly predators have something to fear.

Something that will find them in even the darkest corner.

But will two boys be able to uncover and share the incredible truth before all the townsfolk become a meal… And a new horror finds its way out of the cave?

**This is the sequel to the novel: Arachnophobia**

Content Warnings:

Thriller and horror stories, by nature, are generally dark. All K. Lucas works include profanity, violence, and usually some form of death. The following books have additional warnings:



Human trafficking

A brief scene of cruelty towards animals - NO animal deaths

You Kill Me


Pregnancy loss


Our Little Secret

Statutory rape -- not graphic, but the theme is present through the story.

Characters living through trauma


I Am Not OK

Mental illness



The Neighbors

Child loss


Cruelty towards animals

Cheating/ infidelity

Mental illness

The Wrong Stranger

Child abuse

Death of a child

Thoughts/discussion of suicide

Graphic violence


Mental illness